Monday, July 6, 2015

Family. Fun. Fireworks.

That pretty much sums up our 4th of July celebrations. 
I look forward to the day when I can teach Henrik about this special day and what it means to our country. 
(I'm glad I'll get a couple of years to brush up on my American history.)
But for now we'll stick with the basics- good food and lighting things on fire.

I was worried that Henrik wouldn't be interested in fireworks this year.  Last year he was sawing logs before we even grilled one hot dog. But thankfully this year was different. 

Enjoying the show
Todd bought a small package of fireworks, some sparklers, and "poppers."  

Before bath time and bed time we all went outside to have a little fun with the little man. 

I was pleasantly surprised with how engaged Henrik was. 

He loved the "poppers" (no surprise there- the boy loves to throw stuff!).  
But he found the most joy when throwing them at anyone's feet and watching them jump up in the air and yell.  He thought it was hilarious. 
Grammy was the official "poppers" dispenser
Pop Pop being a good sport, dodging poppers
Henrik, clearly thrilled.

He also watched (and didn't cry or run away) when Todd set off the small bunch of fireworks and sparklers. 
The first 6pm :)
As you can see, he didn't stray far from these two.

Henrik and his Pop Pop

It was a successful 4th of July!
I was able to snag a quick picture of my little man and me.

In a couple years, maybe we'll let Henrik stay up long enough to see the big daddy fireworks. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach Day 3

Our third day went similar to Day 2.  
More screaming and crying on the beach.

Look at those eyes :( He was miserable.

This was all he wanted to do.
Needless to say, Henrik and I hung out in the condo.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beach Day 2

The rest of the Petzold clan headed out for Disney on Tuesday morning while we headed to the beach. 

Todd had the brilliant idea to give Henrik his paci while on the beach to hopefully chill him out, so he would walk on the beach without having to be held like Monday.

It worked!
For about 15 minutes.
Then he kept dropping his paci on the beach and one of us would have to scramble to get it, wipe it off, and re-insert it as quickly as possible.
Then he wanted to be held while he had his paci. 
When we did not acquiesce to his demands he brought out the shrill screams and crying.

So I volunteered to take him back to the condo and entertain him until naptime. Then I would be to go to the beach while Todd stayed with him.

He was much happier once we got back. 
Thank goodness I packed a few toys, games, and books.

After his nap, we decided to try the beach again.  Todd was able to sneak a hat on his head by distracting him with Cheerios. 

He liked being on Todd's shoulders as we walked up and down the beach.

He quickly wanted to walk on the beach when we saw a small little dog being walked on the beach.  
The afternoon was much better- hallelujah! 

We headed back to the room, got cleaned up, and had dinner. 
By the way- Henrik eats even more when at the beach. For example, at lunch, he had 2 ham slices, 1 veggie pouch, strawberries, and 2 whole bananas.

We were pretty wiped out, but stayed up to hear about their trip to Disney. 
They got back around 9:00 and it sounded like they had fun.

This might be one of my favorite pictures so far. 

 (He's wearing Kaye's hat)

And that's a wrap on Day 2!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Henrik's First Beach Day

This trip is full of firsts. 
First plane ride, first beach trip, first time sleeping in a strange place.

Henrik's first trip to the beach has been a memorable one so far.

We didn't make it out to the beach with our little tot on Sunday- lots of unpacking/grocery run/getting settled for the week.  But we were out there with the other early birds Monday.

He was excited and showed no signs of fear...


Until the waves swept over his shoes and pulled the sand from beneath his feet.  He plopped down right in the water. Then proceeded to scream.

Poor buddy.  

But all was not lost.  
After he calmed down he really enjoyed going into the ocean and "jumping" over the waves.
Just as long as someone was holding him and didn't let one of his feet touch the sand.

Maybe we'll try walking on the beach tomorrow.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Funsie


Classic Henrik dance moves.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Funsie

A little blond nugget learned to climb on the couch this week. 

He now enjoys reading to Ruby while she tries to nap. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

18 Month Update

This little boy just gets more fun every day!
Hey that's my name!

He has grown up so much in the past three months.

Weight: 27.2 lbs   85%ile
Height: 34"    93%ile 
Head Circ: 47.5cm   53%ile

The Pediatrician said that Henrik will be over 6 ft when he grows up based on the numbers.  He was also impressed at the number of words Henrik can say and body parts he can identify.  High-five Hank!

I've included the list from his 15 month post, so you can see all the ways he grown. What's new is in blue!

Anything with wheels
Stuffed bear named "Mr. Rupp"
Moosey (stuffed moose)
Children's Music- Raffi, Wee Sing Bible Songs, etc.
Making funny faces (see below)
Jumping on the couch or bed (which we allow rarely)
Being chased
Playing Peek-a-boo around corners
Chasing Ruby
Drinking out of his dinosaur cup
Songs: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "Old MacDonald"
Looking at his shadow on the ground or wall

Oooooh shadow!

He loves pointing at things in books. He thinks the girl on the scooter is Mina.

Here are some of his favorite books:
Biscuit series- He seeks this one out and we've been known to try and hide it because he wants us to read ALL 10 STORIES each time.
Hop on Pop
Baby Cakes
Winnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Go Baby Go
Karen Katz (lift the flap) books
Books with pictures of real babies (Baby Food, Hugs and Kisses)
My First Truck Board Book 
Dig Dig Diggers 
Who Are You, Baby Kangaroo
Machines at Work 
My First Book of Animals
No David!
The Pokey Little Puppy 

Check out his little monkey toes on the basket.

Wheels wheels and more wheels

Even Mommy's leg can be a racetrack

Foods he will eat:
Lemon Poppy Seed muffins
sweet potato
sliced turkey
pouches (which mommy splurges on for lunch)
Cheerios plain or with sunflower seed butter on them
(He hates raspberries and any green veggie)

Enjoying some Old Hickory bbq pork.

Having a snack
This kid could eat oranges at every meal.

Words he can say:
Pop Pop/Papa
Dog (di-duh)
Bye Bye
 Blue "booo"
Yellow "yeyah"
Car "caa"
All Done
Aubrey- he tries, but it comes out as "oh oh"
Baseball/Basketball "ba ball"

Love his little goofy grin

Close up time, Mama!

Animal Sounds he can imitate:
Cow- "moo"
Pig- "oink oink"
Duck- "quack quack"
Chicken - "cluck cluck"
Elephant- purses lips and spits (if that makes any sense)
Puddles (a character in the Biscuit books)- "bow wow"
Camel- spits
Bear/Lion/Dinosaur- "rooooooaar" 
Turkey- "gobble gobble"
Monkey- "ah ah ah"
Sheep- "mah mah" this sounds real gargle-y

Making some calls

Taking a ride with Mr. Rupp

Things he can do:
Walk with a walker toy
Dance to music (He bounces up and down. It's adorable!) 
 Smile (on command)
"Talk" on a play phone
Put his dirty pjs in his laundry basket
Kick a ball
Walk backwards
Use sign language for the words "more" and "please"
Point to objects in books to hear their name 
Can point to objects in a book "where is the cow?"
Show his belly- he likes this one a lot :)

Biiiiig belly :)

Walking around outside

Body parts he can find:
(plus the one part I wish he'd leave alone...) 

 Questions He can Answer:
What's your favorite color? Blue "boooo"
Who made you? God did it.  "Ga did dit"
Who loves you? Dada
How old are you? "Uh" he says and points one finger.
How does thunder go? "Ba boom!"

Speaking of thunder!

Discipline has been more of an issue since he's started walking. The biggest issues we're having right now is him being feisty on the changing table (trying to roll all the way over) and trying to touch the tv equipment.

Sleeping Update: 
Down to 1 nap a day. 
Goes to bed at 6pm and sleeps until 6am. 
No more dream feed at 9pm. 

Waiting for Dada to get home

This picture cracks me up. He loved pushing the grocery cart around at Aunt Ashy and Uncle Dan's house.  Daddy and Uncle Dan loved trying to get a large ball in the moving target.

My little nugget is getting so big!
It's a lot of fun seeing how his mind is beginning to grasp all these new things.
What a blessing this boy is!