Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Funsie

Warning: up close and personal this week! 
I spent way too much time trying to snap a picture of his two little toofies.  
That little turkey kept sticking his tongue out. 
Oh well, I still got some pretty cute shots!

Happy Friday from the cutest Little Mister!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

After Bath Chat


Here are my two favorites enjoying a little chat after the bath tonight. 

It's super sweet and I love it.  
I've watched it on my phone like a ca-jillion times.

We had Todd for the whole 3 day weekend.  
It was awesome, fantastic, wonderful, stupendous...I could go on :) 
This no more MBA school thing is going to be glorious!
He's one lucky boy to have such a great Daddy!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Funsies

Picture out-takes

He would not leave Moosey alone!

Then he decided that Moosey looked better on the floor.

Cheshire cat grin

"Moosey, I don't want to share the spotlight with you!"

"Muuuuch better!"

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

8 Months

My sweet and happy boy turns 8 months old today!

UnOfficial Stats:
Height: approx 29 inches
Weight: 22 lbs
Crazy post nap hair

Henrik's still eating well and growing like a weed.  He's still eating pureed veggies once a day.  I've not introduced any fruit to him so far, but he likes peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes. We have zero teeth, but I know they are coming...He is chewing on everything and everyone :)
Sweet cheeks :)

This month has gone really well in the sleeping department.  We had a week or so where we got off our schedule and he had some rough nights, but overall he's napping at least 2 long naps a day (1.5-2 hours) and one mini nap around 4pm most days.
I see you!
 He's now a belly sleeper and hasn't slept on his back since Todd got home from France (June 8th).  He looks so big in his crib now that he sleeps on his belly.

Swinging buddies
Other Tidbits:
He's still exploring the world on his tummy, but not crawling yet.

He can sit up pretty well when someone is sitting behind him.  However, he will topple over to his left or right when he reaches for a book or toy.

He still prefers books with pictures of real babies in them.

He still is enamored with Ruby and giggles whenever she runs around the living room.

He's wearing 12-18 month clothes now.  Yes, he's a hoss cat!
"What? I look good!"
Todd told me it was time to go a size up in clothes when his onesies became deep V-necks :)

"Dadda" is a word often heard in our house now.  There have been a couple sporadic "Mammammamma" but not as many as "Dadda."

Speaking of  "Dadda," Henrik lights up when Todd is around.  He giggles, he kicks, he squeals.  I get so excited thinking about how their relationship will change and develop over the years.

He loves the bounce-a-roo

I am not allowed to trim his nails anymore.  Let's just say I've drawn blood too many times.  I've asked told the nail-biter in our house to bite his nails down instead of clipping them.

 Henrik is a happy baby.  He smiles and grins all the time which I am so thankful for! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Funsie

Parlez- vous francais? 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Funsie

We've been without this man for almost a week!

He comes back on Sunday evening. 

We cannot wait!

Come on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Scrumptious Solids

We've been rocking solid food for a few weeks now. 

I decided to try my hand at making my own baby food for a couple reasons.
1. Price- it's much cheaper.
2. It looked pretty simple and straightforward.
3. I already had all the necessary tools.
4. I could feed him actual food.
5. It would be a fun experiment.

So far, it's been a success.  We've tried peas and carrots and he's been able to eat both.

 I washed and peeled the carrots. Then cut them up and steamed them, like I did the peas. 

After the steaming was complete, I blended them until smooth, adding breast milk to help the consistency. 
Then I poured/spooned them into ice cube trays.
Mmmmmm...looks tasty.

Forgive the sloppy mess...Martha Stewart would be ashamed! :)

After they were frozen I popped them into ziplock baggies and labeled them. 
When I'm ready to use a cube, I just thaw it in the microwave. 
We started out with carrots.  He wasn't a huge fan, but he ate most of it. 

"I'm not so sure I like this, Mom..."

"Maybe gimme another bite."

"Ok, now I get to do it!"

"This is new..."

"What, no one said anything about being wiped down!"

Now after several weeks, he eagerly slurps up both the peas and carrots :) 

Next on the menu will be sweet potatoes and green beans.

Three cheers for a successful experiment!