Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Funsie

Every time the refrigerator door is open longer than 2 seconds a little boy scampers over and ALWAYS grabs the same bottle and scurries off. 

What? Am I not supposed to have this?

I just want to bite it...and maybe taste it a little...
Just kidding Mom!
Someday he will actually get to taste the glorious chocolately liquid that's inside that bottle. 

Then he'll really come running when the fridge is open. 

Hope your weekend is full of sweet surprises!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Little Stinker

There's nothing more fun than seeing Henrik's personality take shape. 

He's definitely exerting mega-boy stereotypes these days. 

He wants to climb up on the couch and swat the lamp on the end table. 

Anything with wheels he looooves. 

He is rough and likes to pull my hair. 

He will wrestle with his bear, Mr. Rupp.

He loves it when he gets a big reaction for something he does-whether it's a noise he makes or a yelp from hair he's just pulled- he loves it all. 

But I also notice he loves to hide small toys. Under the oven. Or under couches. 

Little stinker. 

I watched him the other day do exactly that. So I grabbed my camera of course :) 

Here he is at work...
He's innocently playing, so I go grab some towels to put in the wash. 

I come out of the laundry room to find him like this... 
(he has managed to pick up a random white string from somewhere...)

Here's what he's looking for-

So I fish it out
His face is hilarious in this picture. 

Literally two seconds later I see him doing this

Rotten tomato!

Whenever I can't locate a toy or puzzle piece I know that I must look under every piece of furniture and the oven.

I've tried stuffing a towel below the oven to discourage the hiding of toys, but that lasted about 5.2 seconds.  Both he and Ruby were trying to play with the towel. Bummer.

Oh well, I'll just need to check for toys every time before I preheat the oven!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Funsie

I don't think I ever shared our photos from our first family photo shoot back in October. 

This was the week before Henrik turned one. 
Todd had the great idea to have the pictures taken at our public library.

We love these photos and will cherish them forever!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Friday Funsie

We celebrated this guy turning 60 on New Years Eve.
Yes, those are 60 candles ablaze. 
He blew them out like a boss in one breath. 

We ate mexican food and stuffed ourselves with banana splits (one of the birthday boy's favorites!).

 Old pictures graced the window where we all could see the him in all his phases of life.

First time Dad

Football Stud

High school pic


High School Prom

Dad and Ashley

Papaw holding Dad after he came home from the service

Dad with a toddler belly :)

Dad with his Grandfather

Dad and his family at Mammoth Cave in the summer of  '66

I loved sharing memories and funny things that remind us Dad while sitting around the table. We laughed until we cried.

We even had some festive photo props thanks to Ashley. 

It was a great way to bring in the New Year! 
Happy Birthday Dad! 
We love you so much!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Funsie: Holiday Wrap Up

I'm starting ALL the way back at Thanksgiving because life got way too crazy after turkey day!

We had a fantastic time gorging on delicious food and hanging with family.

Henrik (thanks to his allergies) was only able to enjoy some turkey.  But enjoy it he did! I think he ate a couple of turkey legs :)

 We had several delicious turkeys to devour

The dynamic duo
Prep is hard work- drives some to insanity :)

Places set! 
Food is ready- let's eat!
If only you could taste and smell through the screen

 These two :)
He's trying to steal some extra sugar

My two crazy turkeys!

This is what it's all about- family

Breaking the wishbone
Don't forget about dessert!
Now onto Christmas
We had a Christmas Eve brunch with the Roberts-Riherd clan. It was scrumptious and chaotic- perfect for holiday celebrations!
I only had my phone- so my apologies for the grainy pics.

Presents everywhere

"Is this one for me?"

"When is Santa coming down the chimney?"

He loves this musical birthday card. How cute is he propped up on the couch with Grammy?

Christmas morning it was just the three musketeers!

Henrik got a puppy dog toy (Ruby's guarding it), stacking blocks, a book, and some fruit squishies.
After some breakfast and a nap, we all got cleaned up and played 
while we waited for the Petzold clan to arrive.

This was about 1 second before I got clobbered!

Look how handsome :)
 Now onto Christmas Part 2!

 Not sure how to open this, so I'll just drum on it!

As you can see, Mr. Henrik had a fantastic Christmas.  
Hope you did too!