Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Funsie

Neighborhood Watch :)

*Bonus Funsie*
If you're in for a quick, tasty chicken marinade for a quick weeknight dinner look no further-
Make the Italian Herb Marinade and seal it in a ziplock bag and throw it in the fridge. 
Saute and enjoy!

This is the only seasoning where I've actually used an entire bottle.

Hope your weekend is delicious :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Snow Day Itty Bitty Style

We had our first snow Monday.

I wouldn't have believed it if it wasn't right outside our windows!

Snow before Thanksgiving?! This is Kentucky- not northern Ohio!

But it sure was pretty.

Even prettier when admiring it from a warm toasty bedroom window :)

Surprisingly Ruby loves the snow more than anyone.
She loves to run around the backyard and inspect every inch of our winter wonderland.

Now that Henrik is standing and pulling up a lot more- poor Ruby has no refuge.

He's not sad- he just likes to look pouty :)

The toes, the lips, the hair
Don't ya just want to pat that little fox butt

Ruby's thinking, "Well, crap!"

Ruby wants to go out, but Henrik's blocking the door

On the allergy front- Henrik's doing great. He's not refused the soy milk formula and has successfully taken down some milk and egg free pancakes.

Here he is after some of those pancakes. Finishing up breakfast with some bananas.
His hair cracks me up- I call it his "helicopter hair."
Love this boy so much!

Bring on more snow days- just let them be Saturday or Sunday so Daddy can hang with us!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just Say No milk eggs nuts carrots

That's what I was told Monday afternoon while sitting in a small patient room at the Allergist's office.

I had been hit with a curve ball- fast and upside the head.

But let me back up and tell how the whole thing began.

I noticed when I fixed Henrik scrambled eggs for breakfast he would get little welts around his mouth. The first time I thought it was just a scratch, but after the second time I suspected he might be allergic.

I called the doctor's office and spoke with a nurse. She told me that she'd schedule an appointment with the allergist.

She called me back and told me we had an appointment for that afternoon at 1:30. I didn't tell her it was in the middle of his nap time. She also said we needed to get there around 1 to fill out paperwork.

So off we went as Henrik rubbed his eyes and sleepily played with his radio in the backseat. "Jesus, please help me get through this. I know it's not going to be pretty."

After filling out paperwork and waiting with a squirmy, tired 1 year old in a stroller we were taken back to a room.

This is NOT my crib!
After more waiting the doc finally came in.

Ahhhh my paci
Some small talk ensued and then we got down to brass tacks.

The doctor said that Henrik has the perfect phenotype for allergies (thanks to Mr. Hartgrove's AP Biology class I actually knew what he was talking about!). He said boys that have fair skin, blue eyes, and light colored hair are the most prevalent allergy kids. He also said that allergies can manifest themselves through the skin - eczema, hives, rashes, etc.

I explained what happened with the eggs and he told me that they were going to bring in a list of foods and I was to circle all the ones Henrik has had so far. Then they'd do the skin test where they'd prick his back with each one and see the reaction to determine which foods he's allergic to.

He also said that many times boys who are allergic to eggs are often allergic to other high-allergy foods. But he encouraged me by saying most grow out of these allergies by the time they reach school age.

The nurse brought in the paper, I quickly circled the foods I'd fed him so far, and the pricking began.

It. was. awful.

She had to write numbers on his back to label all the prick sites.  Yeah, try that with a wiggly, screaming baby on their mother's lap. The pricking part took less time, Thank you Jesus! She was fast and it was over in less than a minute.

But then we had to wait 15 minutes to see what popped up. And I couldn't touch his back or let him lay on his back or rub up against anything.

After 15 minutes  the doc came in an confirmed that he definitely had an egg allergy, but also a milk allergy. He was unsure about nuts and carrots, so they were going to prick his arm to get a better reading.

More writing, pricking, and waiting.

I thought it would never end.

After waiting another 15 minutes, nuts and carrots were added to the list.

I think I went into shock mode.

The nurse wrote this down on a long pink sticky note.

She told me that they were going to fax this over to the nutritionist at the Health Park who specializes in food allergies and that she'd be in contact with me within the week to set up an appointment. She told me that we'd need to get an epi-pen and showed me how  to use it in 2 minutes. Luckily, being a teacher I have  had many trainings on using epi-pens.  But I was still upset that I might have to wait a week to hear from the nutritionist.

"So what they heck am I supposed to fee my 1 year old in the meantime?" was my thought as I got in the car.

When I got home I called a friend who's a dietician at the hospital. She gave me some good suggestions for milk substitutes. Her expertise is with newborns- she works in the NICU. But she suggested I call the lady at the Health Park and ask her about milk just to be safe.

Todd got home early and I was able to run to wal-mart to get some soy milk.

Tuesday I called the Health Park. The following is pretty much the phone call verbatim:
"Hi, my son was just diagnosed with food allergies and I was hoping to ask _____ a quick question before scheduling an appointment." 
"Is this for Henrik? Yes, I see where we just received a referral from Dr.___'s office. Um...she's not in the office and she won't be back until the 20th," said the lady on the phone.
"I'm sorry...what?!"
"She's had surgery and isn't coming back in until the 20th."
"Is there anyone else I can talk to?"
"(silence) But I can go ahead and schedule you an appointment for when she gets backs."
"So there is no other nutritionist who can help me with my son's food allergy?"
"Well then sure, let's go ahead and put me on the schedule."I said trying not to sound like a B.
"Ok, let's see. The next available appointment is December 18th at 10 am"
"(silence). Are you serious?"
"Well, go ahead and put me down for the 18th. I guess I've got some research to do before then."
"Ok, I'll put you down."

I hung up the phone before bursting into tears.
So many things were running through my mind- mainly rage.

After calming down (somewhat), I put on my big girl panties and realized there's a lot of information about allergy free foods on the internet.
So, that will consume most of my waking hours and any nap times from here on out.

Plus, I have some health-nut friends who will help guide me :)
One of my healthy buddies even dropped off some goodies at my doorstep Wednesday morning.
It's been a lot to process and I'm struggling with trying to get a grip on it all.

Todd very kindly reminded me, "At least he's in the 99th percentile. It's not like he's scrawny."

Thanks, Todd

SO, if you know of any delicious dairy free, egg free, nut free recipes- feel free to send them my way!

I'm sure there will be more posts about our venture into "NO" mans land :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Funsie: Henrik's 1st Birthday Party

Henrik loves dogs.  Actual dogs, toy dogs, books about dogs, etc. So naturally, given babies don't have a ton of interests and hobbies, I decided it would be a perfect theme for his first birthday.

Let me just tell you there are some super creative people out there and thanks to Pinterest, I can steal use lots of their creative ideas :)

It was a fantastic day and we had loads of family come to celebrate our little man.  It was a perfect day!

I'm so thankful that I've been blessed with the job of being a Mom and even more blessed that I am able to stay home with him! 

Before I forget and bombard you with pictures, here are his offcial stats from the Doc:

Height: 32 inches   99%
Weight:  23 lb 3 oz   78%

Birthday Boy with Mama!

Birthday selfie :)

Everyone's coming over to see me!

Perfect sunny day

Follow the paw prints

Party party party

The munchies

Todd grilled burgers and dogs

I provided the sweets

Pupcakes with the dog cake

Let the party begin!

Ruby's hoping Mina drops her hot dog

Playing some yard games

Aubrey writing a sweet message to the birthday boy!
Had to take a break for a 2 hour nap and a bottle

Hank and his loot!

"Mom what is this?"

I'm sure this will be the only year I help unwrap

We dragged Daddy down to the floor

They're all for me?!

Took another break to try and kiss Mina...for the 100th time

Then a quick book reading break

Gotta see that naughty monkey

Mmmmm birthday cards...

...are not as yummy as I thought

Birthday Pooh Bear plays "Happy Birthday"
Getting naked for some cake!  (This is the ONLY birthday that nude cake eating is appropriate)
He immediately grabbed the dog's ear


Happy Birthday Henrik!

Smash cake time!

The frosting was the first to go

Grabs cake like a boss

Fantastic day to honor a fantastic little boy :)