Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Funsie: 1 Year

It's here! 

Henrik is 1 YEAR OLD!
Watch Mom!

Where did Ruby go?

Sweet boy!

I am so excited that we've both survived the first year!

There have been mostly good days with some bad sprinkled throughout the year, but it's been an incredible year being a Mama to this adorable little boy.

UnOfficial Stats: 
Height: 31 and 1/2 inches
Weight: 24 lbs
Teeth: 7 teeth!

Our 1 Year Doc appointment is Monday- so I'll be able to get the official stats on the birthday boy!

Still slurping down formula like a little piglet.  I'm going to start weaning him onto whole milk soon.  We've also transitioned to some finger foods like bananas, blueberries, and mangoes.  However, now the boy hates veggies! I think because I would puree mixtures- carrots and peas, sweet potato and peas, so now when he gets their full unmasked flavor he says, "No thank you!"  I put some soft, diced up carrots and smashed peas on his tray and after a first taste he was slinging them off his tray as fast as he could (screaming bloody murder!). Ruby, however, was like "Hallelujah it's raining food!" So...I'm going to have to figure something out about the veggies.  Oh yeah, the boy LOVES cottage cheese!  I was making lasagna the other night (munching on cottage cheese) and noticed he was eye-balling me hard while eating his bananas. So I offered him a bite off my fork.  After the first bite his hand immediately reached out to grab the container. He successfully finished the rest of the container by the following night.
Did I mention he likes blueberries? Bust out the Oxyclean for this one!

Still taking two naps a day (about 1.5 hours each) and sleeping 12 hours a night. Thank you, Lord!

Other Tidbits:
He's started pulling up on everything.  It's so cute!  He will go from crawling to standing on one knee.  If I'm holding him under the arms, he will go ahead and stand.
Trying to kiss Ruby through the glass door...she's unimpressed

Taking a knee
 I feel the second round of baby-proofing will soon begin (taking all things off bottom shelves). 

He still loves to do his "downward dog" pose.

Henrik has started expressing his opinions more vocally.  For example, if we're reading a book and he's over it, he will arch his back and cry and try to wriggle out of my lap.  When we go to the grocery he's started pitching a fit (screaming, trying to wriggle out of the seat in the cart, throwing all toys I try to persuade him with) when he's ready to leave. It just stinks when we're only at the deli counter when this begins to happen.  I foresee solo late night runs to Kroger in my future :)
At the vet waiting for Ruby to get seemed to take FOREVER! Little H was not happy.
This was after I told him "NO!" as he was trying to climb in Ruby's crate. Check out that lip...and belly!

I'm sure like most children, Henrik loves anything that elicits a reaction.  He loves when he does something and I respond with a word or noise.  He likes sudden noises and surprises too.  He's so funny!  It tickles him and he gives the biggest giggles.
He loves his music table.

That big hippo mouth!

With that said, he loves to be chased.  His favorite thing to do is crawl just out of sight and then turn back to see if I'm going to chase him.  I usually say something like, "Where are you going!" and start crawling towards him.  He erupts into the biggest grin and giggle, then scampers off farther.
Come and get me!

Like all kids as well, the boy loves attention.  He can be throwing a fit in Kroger and a lady at the self-checkout next to us starts talking to him and he grins and starts talking.  While shopping he will peek around me to make eye contact with a shopper behind me and grin so big when they notice he's looking at them.  He also loves to give high-fives to random old ladies in the grocery store. It's really funny.

He likes to eat the knobs on our cabinets. Check out that rump!!!

So, my little genius baby has started reading.  Hahaha, just kidding.  But he does flip through board books on the floor all by himself.  Then grab another one and flip through that one. It's pretty stinkin' cute. 

Still loving the "baby faces" books.

Just reading the Good Book :)

He is a rough and tumble boy that's for sure.  He loves to climb all over me and try to bite my pants. He loves to wrestle wild animals (okay just teddy bears and other stuffed animals!).  But then he also can be gentle (for a split second). He loves his car and bus that he can sling, push, and slide around the kitchen floor.
He does this about 50 times a day.  I always scoop him up and nibble on him!
He is so rough with Mr. Rupp!

Aw- sweet moment before another tackle!
I call this his "tour bus" because the little animals pop up on top :)

He loves cars- especially this one!

I love his expressions!

He and Ruby  have had several "tug-of-wars" with toys. To be fair, the ball is Ruby's toy :)

I cannot begin to express all the emotions I'm feeling.  God has been so kind to me.  I thank Him every single day for this precious gift.  There is nothing like being a Mama.

Tomorrow we will be surrounded by family to celebrate this sweet, special little boy.  And I will be reminded once again just how good God is!

"Now consider one love
in the midst of a crowd- 
an affectionate love, 
neither timid not loud. 
A love that appreciates 
fire, and grace. 
A love that adores 
one remarkable face. 
A love that is 
and true-
Consider my love for incredible you." 
-Sandra Boynton from her book Consider Love

Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Funsie

"Mom, whip me up some muffins for breakfast!"

Someone has discovered that he can open up the cabinets :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

11 Months

Wow...11 months is already here...

UnOfficial Stats:
Height: at least 30 inches
Weight: probably 23 pounds

He slurps down his bottles like a champ.  No more b-milk for him- sorry buddy! But he's enjoying some finger foods in addition to his pureed fruits and veggies.  He makes a mess, but likes Puffs and bananas. It's a good thing we go straight from dinner to the bath! We are still doing the dream feed around 9pm.
He likes to play with his bottle, which usually ends with me wrestling it away from him.


"Mom it's hard to eat them when they stick my big mitts!"

He takes 2 solid naps during the day, but he's totally refused to take his late afternoon snooze (around 4), which makes for a loooong afternoon when he wakes up at 1pm.  But he usually goes down without a fuss at 6pm and sleeps until 6am.  He's an early riser like his Mama :)
He has propped his feet up on the bumper :)

This boy knows how to relax

He cracks me up with his rump in the air!

Other Tidbits
He's starting to stand up on his back legs.  It's hilarious.  He doesn't pull up yet, but he will go from a sitting position to a "downward dog" yoga pose.  I'm sure pulling up is soon to come.

He still picks out his books to read.  He even gets a little bossy as he tosses them in my lap.  We read books a lot throughout the day and especially before naps.
He's still a big fan of lift-the-flap books

Hop on Pop is one of his favorites

The cover of this book often captures his attention

Ok, is he not the cutest?!

Doing some morning Bible reading :)

Now that it's fall we usually go on afternoon walks with Ruby around the neighborhood.  He likes to carry a water bottle.  It's pretty cute.
The water bottle had already been pitched over the side :)
He loves the magnets on the fridge.  He will slide them off and immediately chew on them.

He is amazed by the door-stoppers around the house.

His two little teeth on top are sloowly making their way down.  They remind me of hippo teeth with their big gaps.

His love for Ruby and dogs continues to grow.
Kisses for Ruby
He kept looking at his sleeves going "D-dog  d-dog" 

 Here are some other random pictures from the past month:
Smiley bug

He loves to make his car fly :)

I love his sweet chubby baby face

Chatting with Daddy

These two are trouble!

What's this?

He wants to help with some DIY projects

 He's my favorite little guy.