Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Boys Should be Boys: Part 1

{Warning: This is a long post. I only expect my family to make it to the end :)}

"Oh, you're having a boy!!" said the ultrasound tech. 

Todd does a fist pump and loudly shouts, "Yes!"

I realized at the 20 week ultrasound that I'm in over my head.
Yay! It's a boy!
As you can see from all the pink it was only a matter of time :)

My first book to find parenting advice- really any advice- is always the Bible.  God made this little boy and knows him and loves him so much more deeply than I ever could.  So I seek Him first and foremost. 

But I also scoured Amazon for lists of books about raising boys (there are a lot!) and settled on a few.

I purchased a couple with some birthday moo-lah and have been devouring them during nap times and any other spare moment I can find throughout the day. 

The first one I read knocked my socks off.

It's full title is Boys Should be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons.  It's author is Meg Meeker- a pediatrician and of course, mother of a boy. I was kinda interested since it's not labeled a "Christian" book, but it got really great reviews so I gave it a shot...and I'm glad I did!

It was fantastic!! It opened up a whole new world to me that I thought I kinda knew, but now my eyes have seen the light!

So, I thought I'd share it with you :)
I'll be sharing quotes directly from the book- I hate paraphrasing...my personal thoughts will be in blue.

Chapter One- Boyhood under Siege 
 This chapter is all about the building blocks of boyhood.  So much of this I've read or heard from other places, so it's nice to have it reinforced again.  

Plus, I am so thankful that Henrik is surrounded by some truly fantastic men! Such a HUGE blessing!

Awww...look how tiny...sniff sniff

"Are our boys in trouble? If so, are they in more danger than past generations? Yes, and most definitely yes. But unlike some psychologists, sociologists, and educators, I believe that the troubles hurting our boys stem from three major sources: lack of close relationships with men (particularly fathers), lack of religious education, and aggressive exposure to toxic media that teaches boys that the keys to a great life are sex, sex, and a bit more sex- and a whole lot of money and fame."

"We must be willing to see that what our boys need isn't simply more education, more prescriptions, more money, or more activities.  What they need is us.  You and me. They need parents who are willing to take a good hard look at what their sons think and what they are doing.  They need fathers who will embrace their sons and watch them with the eyes of schooled hawks."

"The foundation of any boys life is built on three things: his relationships with his parents, his relationship with God, and his relationship with his siblings and close friends...If these are strong, any boy can thrive in the midst of academic and athletic challenges, a toxic culture, and harmful peer pressure...The most important people in a boy's life are his parents.  You should never feel powerless with your son. No one is more important to him than you are.
   Your son needs more time with you: time to talk and time to play. He needs less Internet time, more outdoor time. He needs to know that God exists and that his life is no accident.  He needs- and wants- the benefit of your wisdom, life experience, and maturity." 

"But our boys don't need things they need us, even just being around us, watching how we handle life, how we talk, listen, help others, and make our decisions.  Every son is his father's apprentice, studying not his dad's profession but his way of living, thinking, and behaving."

"Boys need to see fathers who behave as good men so that they can mimic that behavior.  They need to see men at work. They need men who set standards- and if you don't give them standards to live by, they'll pick them up where they find them...A father needs to give his son the model of a man to measure up to. That's what a son wants from his dad; he wants to admire him and be like him. That's a lot of pressure to put on a father, but that's what being a dad is all about; and the good news is that all dad really needs to do is to be available for his sons; to share time with them and let them watch him and learn from him."

"Nothing replaces life lived alongside of you, his mother and father, nothing. And don't be fooled into believing that you can be substituted, because you can't."

Henrik sure is lucky to have us for parents :) 

So so lucky...

"He doesn't want you to buy him stuff...He needs to see you smile when you are proud, see how you work through problems, and how you deal with tension and frustration. And most important, he needs to know that you will be there when he needs you. Once he knows this, the center of his world will feel tight and secure. Give him that security, and he will feel free to work hard at school, pat attention during his piano lessons, and enjoy all the good things that can be a part of boyhood."

"Your son will also want you to teach him about God, and you should...God matters to boys, as it matters to many people, because it provides an anchor, and ultimate authority to whom they can turn, a sense of purpose, a way to place themselves in the cosmos. As such , faith in God builds confidence, is a powerful guard against depression, and provides moral instruction.  Having a moral framework is extremely important for boys."

"...maintain a stable home with a minimum of sibling rivalries...normal sibling rivalry is part of the maturation process and can actually strengthen a boys' character.  But whether it helps or harms him depends in large part on how his parents handle the rivalry. If mom or dad acknowledges it, deals with it in a simple, nonthreatening way as normal competition, that's one thing...but if it's fueled or ignored the results can be devastating." 

"Boys must learn how to negotiate healthy relationships within a family...but if they grow up in a family where there is mutual trust and respect, where they feel  like they fit in, they will grow into confident young men."

So there you go. Pretty awesome right?  

She's just getting started and it gets even better! 

Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Funsie

Since this little guy has become mobile, poor Ruby has been trying to adjust.  
She can't seem to get a moment's peace! 

She's hoping if she ignores him he'll get the message.
 Good luck, Ruby!
 Hope you get to bug somebody you love this weekend!  

Monday, August 25, 2014

10 Months

He's 10 months old...
(you're welcome Princess Bride fans) 

Official Stats:
Height: 29 and 1/4 inches  78%
Weight: 21 and 10 oz  78%
Head Circ: 45 cm   44%
We had to upgrade the car seat. I thought he'd look smaller :(

Lots of changes in this area since last month.  Little Britches only gets b-milk twice a day and the rest of the time he gets formula.  He started biting me during his feedings shortly after he turned 9 months...so, I decided to pump instead.  But when I started pumping I noticed that my production slowed way down.  He definitely needed more than 3 ounces per feeding and the lactation cookies didn't help boost my supply...so sad :(  But he took to the formula without a problem.  It was a relief knowing that he's able to have a full tummy and that I no longer had to stress about producing enough milk.  As for solids, we've added avocados, mangoes, and prunes to the list this month.  I accidentally made the veggies a little chunkier when I made his food and let's just say he wasn't a fan.  Oops.  Next time I'll use the blender instead of the food processor! 

"Mom the donuts are over there!"
He's still sleeping through the night like a champ! Waaaaa-hooooo!!  But sometimes he fights me to take naps during the day.  He's able to mosey around in his crib, so he will often do a couple laps, sit himself up in the crib, and shove his paci through the slats.  Then jabber, cry, and talk until I go in and retrieve the paci.  Stinker!   

We took him on an afternoon run.   He fell asleep on the run because he fought his naps that day.
Other Tidbits: 
We've got a crawler on our hands now!  He's able to scooch himself around the floor- usually trying to get Ruby's bone.  According to my mother-in-law he crawls just like his Daddy did :) 
Ruby messing with him :)
He has learned how to wave "Hello" and "Goodbye."  He gets it about 90% of the time you prompt him to wave...it's the cutest thing ever! 
"Good Morning!"

He likes picking out his own books to read.  If you put two books in front of him he'll touch the one he wants to read. 
"I like this one, Mom!"
Books read by Daddy are the best :)

Who am I kidding, Daddy's cuddles are the best!

Since he's more mobile now, he likes giving me heart attacks by heading straight for the coffee table and corners of the wall. 
This can't end well...

He enjoys knocking down towers of blocks and emptying baskets of books. All. day. long.

This is what I usually see when I go get him after he wakes up from his naps.  He's sitting up, facing the door, waiting for me to come in.  I kinda love it :)  

"My paci is waaay over here...I'll get it"

He can say "Da-da" and "Mamama" and "dog." But he talks and jabbers all the time.  It's precious.

Busy boy loves his light up radio
He's getting two more teeth.  One on the top has already broken through his gums! He's been snotty and drooly all week.

Check out his chin and the tongue out signals that the nose is drippy too.
He still likes going for walks/runs with us :)
It's been a great month. 
I'm trying not to cry that he's now in double digit months :(
And don't even get me started thinking about his first birthday...sniff sniff.

Oh this boy :)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Funsie

Hope you can find some time to chill this weekend!
~ * TGIF * ~

Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Funsie

Hope you have a super swinging weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

9 Months

I'm starting out this post with some ridiculously cute tub pics.  
You're welcome :) 

Blowing some raspberries 

Clean fingers taste the best
He loves his rubber ducky
Isn't he THE cutest little boy you've ever seen?!  

We head to the Doc on the 8th for his nine month check up, but here are his measurements according to me.

UnOfficial Stats:  (really unofficial)
Height- Giant
Weight- Heavy

"But I'm a friendly giant, Mom!"

This kid is HUGE! He's wearing 18 month clothes.  I had no idea he'd be such a big boy!

But I love every square inch of my little man :)

He's talking and grinning at the same time

There's no doubt we are teething
I'm still breastfeeding.  But he's been more consistent with solids this past month which is good.  I've tried to introduce more foods to him to expand his palate.  His favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes, and blueberries.  He tolerates peas, but I have to mix broccoli with carrots or sweet potatoes for them to make it past those two little chompers.  He likes bananas, but they cause him to be "stopped up" for a while, so we've taken a break from them.
Look close and you'll see two little toofers

He takes at least two naps per day.  Some days I can squeeze out an extra nap from 4-5pm which is great.  He usually goes down for the night between 6-7pm (depending on whether he's had a nap from 4-5pm). It's so nice that he goes down that early because it allows Todd and me time to talk and enjoy dinner together.  He still gets another bottle around 9pm, but then he sleeps until 6-7am.  I'm so thankful he's still sleeping through the night.
New poster for the room!
Other Tidbits:
We have lots of nicknames for this kid.  It's ridiculous. 
My favorite right now is "Little Pootie." 
"You call me what?!"
 He is enjoying lots of books- particularly lift the flap and pop up books.

He likes knocking down stack of anything- laundry, his toys, etc.

Happy 4th of July!
Cuddles with Daddy
He can give "kisses" if you ask.  But you may not want to, because his "kisses" are an open mouth, slobbery tongue mess :)

He likes to shake anything that makes noise.  It's so cute! He gets so excited and looks at you with this big grin.

He still likes his bouncy.
Check out those frog legs.  BTW his hand is about to poke through the leg hole :-)

His obsession with Ruby continues to grow.  He's fascinated by her paws and he tries to grab them anytime she's on the floor with us. He barely gets to touch one before she's realized she's too close and scoots out of his grasp. 
Ruby wants to get a hold of that ball...bad!

"Here Ruby, you can lick my hand."

Overall, he's still a happy and smiley baby.  He gets fussy when he's sleepy, but then again what baby doesn't?

Kaye (Henrik's cousin) was in town for a little over a week and she came over one morning to hang out with us. 

Playing on the carpet
They look deep in conversation :)
  We went to Holiday World with my Dad's company and Henrik did fantastic!  He liked splashing in the baby pool and running through the spray park with Pop Pop. 
Rocking our shades

He's starting to try to crawl.  He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  I'm waiting for the day when he just takes off!  
Henrik in action!
We mainly stay on a quilt on the carpet.  It's our headquarters for the day.  It usually looks like this:
He loves to dump any bucket and then slide the toys around.  
Everything goes in his mouth. Everything! 
Don't ya just love a good tasting smurf?

Just tasted a questionable ribbon :(
 He also thinks it's hilarious when bowls end up on his head.

He loves his Daddy! 

I love this boy more and more each day! 
Hanging out on the carpet.

Can't help myself- his cheeks are too soft :)