Friday, March 7, 2014

4 Month Update and Friday Funsie

Our visit to the pediatrician yesterday was horrific.  He didn't take a good nap after lunch and his appointment was smack dab in the middle of this other nap time.  Two strikes against us already.  Add to that someone trying to look in his ears, eyes, mouth, and you've got the third strike. 

Henrik screamed as soon as I stripped him down to his diaper for the measurements.  Our doc is super awesome and didn't even bat an eye at his crying.  Then came the shots...and even more crying.

But, he's doing well (despite the meltdown at the doc's office) and growing like a weed!

Here are his official stats: 
Height: 26 and 1/4 inches  81%ile
Weight: 16 lbs and 13 oz  66%ile
Head Circumference:  42 and 1/2 cm 63%ile

Despite the awfulness that was yesterday, he was all giggles this morning as I was folding his laundry. 
(as always excuse the annoying Mom noise making him laugh and the zipper on his sleeper made his bib pop up weird...oh well!)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the ridiculous faces and noises I will be making to get more of those cute giggles out. Less than two weeks! Eeeeeeee!!!!