Sunday, March 16, 2014

Motherhood ain't for sissies!

Just when you think you've got a pretty sweet routine nailed...they go and change the game on you!

We've been having a tough time in the Petzold household the past couple of days. 

It all started this past Wednesday when I got Henrik home from church around 8pm.  We settled in and after a full tummy I expected him to drift off into sleepy land like a good little boy. 

Uh, he had other plans.

I think it was almost 9:30pm before he finally went to sleep.  I emerged from his room feeling physically and emotionally abused.

Then on Thursday he didn't nap super well throughout the day.  That's ok, I thought. He'll just go down early tonight, which is good because Todd and I will be at the CareNet banquet, and Todd's Dad has graciously accepted to come and watch Henrik.

We got home around 8:30pm and the stinker was still up crying.  Once again it took another 45 minutes to an hour to get him settled and asleep. 

I was hoping that he'd sleep like a champ since he went down so  He was up every 3 hours (if not 2.5 hours) crying. 

Also, he's given himself the hiccups for the past 3-4 nights in a row because he's been crying and upset. 

UNCLE! UNCLE! Do you hear me?!

It's not been fun in our house.  I've been frustrated , tired, and stressed at trying to figure out how to fix the sleep problems we're experiencing. 

He used to go down for naps really well.  I'd catch him yawning, change his diaper, swaddle his hiney and slide him into his crib. Bada-bing-bada-boom! 

Night time used to be flawless- well, ok, maybe a few cries.  But nothing I couldn't handle. 

Now I am dreading each time he's supposed to go down for a nap or for the night.

I'm not sure what's caused these issues, but it could be the fact that he's starting to stretch 4 hours in between feedings...knocking our schedule all out of whack.  I also think he's been gassy and overtired on several occasions. But it could be a growth spurt...who knows! 

That's the thing- as a Mom your goal is to know your kiddo so well that you don't have to play the guessing game anymore (like when they were an infant). 

But when I do everything right and I know he's sooo tired, but he's still crying and upset after doign x,y,z...the fun game begins! 

Is he hot/cold?
Does he need to be burped/held/rocked?
Should I pick him up or leave him in the crib?
What if he is getting sick/teething/has gas?

That's when my loving husband tries to offer help, support, and advice, but he's just as clueless as me!

So we take turns going into the war zone and rocking and "sshhh-ing" and putting the pacifier back in for the bazillionth time.

I don't know how single moms do it.  I really don't.

So, as you are drifting off into dreamland to revel in your 6-7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, remember to say a prayer for us!

We need it!


  1. Ugh! Sorry friend. But thanks for your honesty in sharing! It is so hard to know the right thing to do! Honestly, if they don't feel well you want to be sympathetic...but if they're just being fussy they might need to cry it out. And who the heck knows which it is? Emmeline is going on 14 months and just the other night she was up screaming 4 different times. The night before that it was twice. I thought we'd be done with the lack of sleeping at this point. Is it the antibiotic she's currently on for her 5th ear infection? Is it just insomnia? Are they nightmares? Is it a tooth? Should I pull out the ibuprofen? Should I rock her? It's so hard to know! How do we start to transition to just one nap? Do I prefer her to be cranky in the morning or in the evening as we transition? Is she so cranky because she has another ear infection - none of them except one came with fevers so how am I supposed to know since she can't communicate what hurts right now?!

    And yes, I have so much more appreciation for single moms now. I really don't know how they do it! I hope Henrik's schedule gets back to normal soon!

  2. Nothing can prepare you for the countless decisions that affect every waking and sleeping moment of your child's life :)

    Poor Emmeline :( Ear infections are no fun...and 5 to boot! Yeah, we haven't even started teething yet...any advice there? :)

    I'm scared...

  3. Hmm...we've only been through 3 teeth so far so you may be the one sharing advice with me in a few months. I will say that I have used tylenol / ibuprofen on more nights than I would have liked to (between ears and teeth). Teething tabs, orajel, a cold bottle, and some extra cuddling seem to have been the biggest helps other than pain medicine.

    I'm not on facebook or instagram at the moment, so I've been checking your blog on a very regular basis for cute baby Henrik pics. :)